Advertise your business easily

Get exposure on variety of websites and pay only for results such as click, sale or lead.

Start here

1. Create a campaign

post an offer for promoting your business. You can choose to pay per click, sale, lead, registration and more.

2. Get exposure

Your offer will be distributed to the website owners relevant to your business, and they will start promoting you and referring potential customers to you.

3. Increase sales

Pay only for results according to your offer. No results? You get free advertising.


Use the power of affiliate marketing

Expand your exposure with private publishers, in your niche. Get traffic and relevant leads from websites, social networks, Google, influencers, bloggers and more...



Increase revenue without increasing work time

No need to waste time on daily maintenance, dealing with publishers, payments and so on - everything is done automatically. You can enjoy the quiet and focus on your business.


Pay only for results

No need to waste money on ineffective advertising. Use your marketing budget wisely and only pay when you get real value from the campaign. You decide what action you pay for and what the rate is. No additional fees.


Fully automatic

No need to waste time and hassle with daily management. After an initial setting everything else works automatically.

Simple and easy to use

You have access to a simple and easy management interface that includes management tools, real-time reports and a variety of other options that will help you customize the campaign to your needs.

Free use, no strings

The use of Iron Click is free and with so strings . You don't pay a setup fee or any monthly fees so you can stop anytime you want.

No conversions - no fees

You only pay a commission for conversions made in the campaign. No conversions? You get free advertising. You won't find a better deal than that.

You choose the fees

You decide for what you pay and what the rate is - click, sale, or action (registration, lead, app installation, etc.)

One payment - one invoice

No need to deal with monthly payments to publishers. You make one deposit and the system distributes the payments to all publishers.


An affiliate program is an advertising campaign in which the advertisers offer private marketers (affiliates) to promote their business or products in return for a predetermined action such as selling, registering, leaving details, etc. For example: the owner of a flower shop can offer to pay a 30% commission for each sale that comes through him. With this method, everyone benefits - the advertiser receives a return for the commission and the affiliate earns his share. In today's world every large internet business operates an affiliate program on some way. It is an essential and basic marketing tool for increasing sales in the digital world.