Open ad network for advertisers and publishers

Advertise your business easily and pay only for results or promote variety of products/services and make money from the customers you refer.


Business owner? Attract new customers

Get exposure for your business on private websites, Google, Facebook, Tiktok, blogs, etc... and pay a fee only for results such as a click, registration or sale. You decide which action you pay for and what the rate is. Use the most effective and profitable marketing tool available on the Internet today.

  • Exposure in a variety of media channels.
  • Relevant traffic and leads for your business.
  • A simple tracking interface with full transparency.
  • No need for maitnence. Everything is automatic.
  • Pay only for results.
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Publisher? Start making money from your traffic

Have a website, blog or followers on social media? If you have any kind of online traffic you can turn it into money easily. Promote products and services that suit you and earn commissions for the customers you refer. Anyone can join.

  • Get paid per click, action or sale.
  • Variety of different categories to choose from.
  • Manage all your campaigns in one account.
  • Simple interface with fully transparent reports.
  • Withdraw funds easily to PayPal or bank.
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No initial investment

Increase your income easily by creating a digital asset that makes you money- no initial investment and no risk.

Free use

The use of Iron Click is free and with no strings . There is no setup fee or monthly fee so you can leave whenever you like.

All Inclusive

We provide a complete and ready to use solution for creating, promoting and managing affiliate programs. Our service will save you time and money in daily maintenance, payments, invoices, etc.

Transparent reports

All data with is presented in full transparency including clicks, conversions, profits, rejections, etc.

Easy to use

We provide you with a simple and easy-to-understand interface where you can use tools to customize your needs, view detailed reports in real-time data and more...

Variety of niches

We work with a wide variety of categories: online stores, tourism, finance, dating, courses, cosmetics and more...